About us

We are Solum, a team of people with unique experience designing and delivering new destinations at train stations.

Through our creative approach, we reimagine the way that railway land is used so that it can better serve the local community, whilst also providing much needed new homes.

By unlocking the potential of surplus railway land, we generate revenue, which we reinvest straight back into improving stations and their surrounding environments.

Our gateway destinations become the places where people meet, to live and work, to journey to and from, to eat, drink and sleep, to wake and start again.

To date we have completed projects at Christchurch, Epsom, Walthamstow and Haywards Heath. In addition to Twickenham Gateway we are also about to start on site at Walthamstow (phase 2) and have recently secured planning approval at Kingswood in Surrey.

For more information on Solum and its other schemes visit the Solum website.

Solum’s plans for Kingswood Station

Completed project at Walthamstow (phase 1)

Completed project at Epsom